Monday, August 08, 2005

Sleeping in...

What a wonderful thing.

When Husby and I moved into our apartment a few months ago we were worried that the paper thin walls would be a problem, but after waking up at 11am during the last few week ends and wondering what happened...we realized that it is not a problem, at least in that regard. Now, it is true that it is not really pleasant to be waken up in the middle of the night by the neighbor throwing up, although it is pretty funny to hear him singing in the shower, but this is another story.

I had forgotten for a little while how it felt. We lived at my in-laws for...too long, and it was really hard to sleep in. Not that they wake up too early during the week ends, but because of my psycho personality, I felt like I had to wake up as soon as I heard them to prentend I was not out until 3am/help them clean/mow the lawn/chat whatever the case was I just could not stay in bed for too long after 10am.

I think that that would be one of the things that will scare me when we are ready to start a family. I LOVE TO SLEEP. Maybe a lille too much, and not being able to sleep in once you have a child until he turns 2 scares me!

I have to admit that I slept a little too much this week end, even to my taste. I don't know if it's because I was sick the week before, if I am still a little weak, but I went to bed at midnight on Friday and Saturday, woke up at 10am, and took a nap! When i say took a nap, I slept from 2 to 5 on Saturday afternoon! It is a little disconscerning to me that I can sleep that much, but I sure try to enjoy it while it lasts...and starting September it won't be as easy to do.


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