Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Battle of the Bands part I

One of Husby's best friend plays in a band. He is the guitarist and lead singer of a band that was created about 3 months ago. Last Saturday was the "semi-finals" of a battle of the bands that they had been selected to compete in in Detroit. The band that would get cheered and clapped the loudest would win the semi-finals and get to play for the finals.

We arrived early and it was really fun, because a LOT of friends showed up. Since 3 out of the 4 musicians are Argentinian, they have that really warm personality and they were all able to bring a ton of people. As the first band started to play, we were kind of wondering if they were going to get any feedback from the crowd at all considering that it was a competition.

Needless to say our friends won. They will be playing again on the 25th of March. The 1st prize is a 5 song recording with a professional studio and some instruments so I really hope that they win. I am pretty confident that a lot of people will be showing up again and at the very least we'll have a good time.


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