Thursday, June 01, 2006

Messed up...

I read Milliner's Dream's blog and as I was reading this post the other day and mentioned it to my friend and co-worker L, she told me that one of her old roommate was friend with one of the girls who had passed away in the accident. It was a strange coincidence...

Well, it turns out that the girl who was believed to have died in a car accident was actually in the coma. The 2 girls' identities were mistaken and as the girl who woke up from the coma started talking, the family who was taking care of her realized that something was wrong...They finally realized that their daughter was the one who had passed away, and they were taking care of their daughter's friend....L hasn't arrived at the office yet, but I wonder if she even knows about it!

The family who thought that their daughter was in the coma had been writing a blog about how their "daughter" was is really heart breaking to see how they realized that it was in fact not their daughter...


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