Friday, April 21, 2006

The Dulaan Project

Thanks to Erika I found out about the Dulaan Project.

A non-profit organization asks for people to send them out hand-knitted (I'm sure that hand crocheted will be fine!!) hat, socks, mittens, neck gaiters, scarves and sweaters for them to send to Mongolia, where it can get -40 at night. It will allow kids to go to school without litteraly freezing their butts off. All jokes put aside, it only takes me a couple of hours to knitt a hat, and it could make a big difference in someone's life, so I decided that I'll crochet a couple of items and send them out.

If you check out their website and realize that it is from 2005, I contacted them to make sure that they are still doing it this year, and they replied promptly letting me know that indeed, they will be sending the items out by July 15 of this year.


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