Wednesday, August 10, 2005


In my profile I say that I am intersted in Midwifery. Well indeed I am, in fact when I was thinking about a name for this blog Husby proposed baby freak! Well I don't think that I am a baby freak really. I do love them, but I think that I am more amazed by the way women create life (Ok, I guess men have something to do with it too). I think that a pregnant woman is very beautiful, no matter how big, how old (Well too old can be kind of creepy), what nationality, I just think that it is magical, and just beautiful.

I always thought that I would have my children at a young age. Not that I am old or anything, but I thought that by now I would already have children. It might have something to do with the fact that my mom had my brother at 20 and me at 22.

I think that it is great to have young parents. Husby has a different vision of parenthood, and I see his point, which is the reason why we don't have children yet. See, I grew up with a dad who was a musician, drummer to be exact, and my mom was the director of a day care center. Childhood was fun spending time at the day care, and going to see my dad play with his band at night. Husby on the other hand grew up with mom being a psychologist and dad an ingeneer. Not that he didn't have a great childhood, but his vision of being a parent is having a solid degree, a solid job, and being a role model to the children (we might even add a little bit of fear of the parents from the kids), where I basically see my mom (my dear dad passed away last year) more as a friend and always have. I think that my parents did a great job in educating us, but they were more hands off. They had no problem when I left their house at 18, whereas Husby could not even have dreamed of it.

Anyway, I realize that having a degree and a good job are indeed really important, and that's the reason why I am working towards these goals before becoming a mom, even though I hope that I'll have my first before I turn 30.

To go back to my initial subject, which was Midwifery, I am addicted to learning more and more about it, and frustrated that I can't just start being a doula or being a midwife's apprentice. My dilemna is that:

1. I can't find the time to doula because I work a 40 hour job, and usually take 3 to 4 classes a semester and even babysit once in a while on the week ends.

2. I had already started my business degree when I found my passion for Midwifery, and I have one year to go before I graduate, so I might as well finish it.

To quench my desire to learn more about it, I read books, lots of books, I spend entire days on The Midwifery Today website, and I have a 3.5 inch thick binder that is almost full of information that I have printed about any subject relating to birth. My dream would be to go to the Farm and do one of their workshops. I try to assist to meetings given by the birthNetwork, a local non-profit group promoting awareness of the benefits and availability of healthy, normal pregnancy and childbirth through information and support, but with my busy schedule it is not always easy.

I believe in the fact that there is a right time and place for everything, so I stay positive, I keep learning on my own, and I am sure that one day the door will open itself and I will be able to explore my interest in a more hands-on way.


Blogger kyra said...

Hi Bebu! I can relate to your dreams about being a midwife and a doula, I am trying to reach that goal, too. I'm also finding it difficult, although I have just started working towards it. I hope to take a doula course next month if I can afford it, and slowly work my way towards enrolling in school for midwifery.

I look forward to reading more about your journey :)!

September 29, 2005  

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