Friday, August 12, 2005


I sometimes worry that I could become pregnant by accident. It does happen, in fact it happened to my sister-in-law. Some other times I worry that I will not be able to get pregnant and how devastating that would be. Having a child is something really easy for some, and a little more complicated for others.

I have been reading blogs about couples trying to become parents. I am seating on the edge of my seat, looking forward to see Shelli and Narda finally meet their adopted baby, crossing my fingers for Cait and Jen and hope that their pregnancy will go smoothly, and I am realy excited for getupgrrl and her brand new baby boy.

Assuming that you don't have fertility issues, getting pregnant if you are a heterosexual couple is not that completed (I think that I figured out how it's done), but if you are an homosexual couple, many options are possible. All of the blogs that I read are about lesbians couples who are trying to conceive in-vitro. So when I saw my lesbian cousin last and asked her if she wanted children later and she told me that she would find a man that she considers a really good friend to use his sperm and be a father figure to the child I was kind of surprised.

Getting pregnant or adopting a child is only the beginning of a life-long journey. Every couple has to make decisions about how to educate their children, and it seems to me that an homosexual couple would have even more decisions to make than an heterosexual one. As an example, let's take the father figure that my cousin is thinking she'll give to her future child/ren.
First of all, how do you choose that person? She said it'll be a male friend, what if the friend/s that she thinks of is/are not comfortable with the idea?

I guess I am talking to myself here and just wondering what some people have to go through, but in the end I think that a single mom, or a homosexual couple who doesn't have an opposite sex figure and who gets along great is better for a child than an heterosexual couple where the parents don't get along, or who don't take good care of the child.


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