Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Overheard Discussion

I was at Wallmart yesterday after work, and I was walking through the aisles, I heard a lady saying: "21 hours...it took me 21 hours and after 18 hours I couldn't take it anymore." I knew right then and there what she was talking about. She kept going: "I asked for the epidural, but I got it too late and it didn't do anything." The lady who was talking was a Wallmart employee chatting with fellow employees. As I was walking away I heard her ask her co-worker: "Do you think that you would ask for the epidural?" At this moment I turned around to look at them, and it didn't seem like the lady who was asked this question was pregnant, I just heard a faint: "I don't know..."

Why do women feel the need to scare pregnant women about giving birth? I am aware of the fact that reality is only as real as our experiences, but why the need to add fear about what a first time mom is about to experience. I guess it's only natural to want to talk about our experiences. I do think though, that only good vibes should be allowed around pregnant women. Let them experience it. Talk about your traumatizing birthing experience with a non-pregnant woman...there are a lot of us!


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