Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Nice dinner and Lots of Books!

I feel bad that I haven't updated the Internet about my birthday, I was too busy getting free Textbooks*.

To start the evening I went with my co-workers for Happy hour in a bar/restaurant close to the office. It was a lot of fun. I am very lucky to work with such a crazy crowd...it is a small office and they really feel like friends rather than co-workers (well most of the time anyway).

Later dear Husby took me to the Whitney for my birthday! It is an old mansion that was turned into a nice restaurant in downtown Detroit. It was like having dinner in a museum. I had never been in a restaurant where the waiter takes the napkin from the table and sets it on your lap! Really fancy, with a lot of antic furniture and old paintings and sculptures. We were so full after dinner that we ordered a Creme Brulee to go. We laughed when we opened the package later on and the creme brulee looked like it had been set on a timer to explode, and...well the timer had went off! The creme was all flat and sideways, but Ohhh so good! It had some berries on top and a lot of caramel...

Then on Saturday we went to my in-laws and since I had told them previously that I would like a book they asked me which book I would like. So I opened my Amazon WishList and told them the ones that I would really like to have...my Father-in-Law ended up giving me a check for the amount that would allow me to buy ALL the books that I really want. I thought that that was so very sweet of him.

Needless to say that I am very happy, I had a very nice 25th birthday, thanks everybody for being so nice.

*I received the second highest score for my stats mid-term, and my professor gave me a Statistics Textbook to congratulate me....I AM OFFICIALLY A NERD! ( Although I am probably going to resell it...I am not nerdy enough to read a Statistics textbook for fun!)


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