Wednesday, December 21, 2005


I started this post on Wednesday and never found time to finish and send it...

Last Monday was our "dating anniversary" with Husby. It has been five years since we have been together. Now that we are married you might wonder why I even mention it...the reason is that have never been with somebody for five whole years before (the longest was a little short of 5 years). It might sound a little silly, because I knew that I would be with him for ever since I married what is 5 years of dating?, but I just wanted to celebrate the date and I gave my husby some Lilies. He took the Pics! :-). I also see what a difference it makes to be with the right person. Even though I was with my ex for almost 5 years, there were break ups and trusting issues...none of that with the man of my life!

One good news, is that the lump that my boss had on his neck, was only a inflamed salivary gland that became the size of a golf ball. He told us that touching and pocking the lump made it basically break, and all the saliva inside of it dissipated. So he is just fine.

Husby and I are trying to buy all the presents to take with us to Montreal where we are going to spend Christmas with my side of the family. It is a marathon. We couldn't go shopping until this week because of the finals being last week, and last week end was...well I needed to relax a little, so now I have to find presents for everybody. (Update: all the presents have been found and bought!)

I received my grades from this semester and I am really happy. I received some really good grades (3.9, 3.7, 3.7, 3.6) even though it was the first time that I took 4 classes at the University and working full time. I have taken 4 classes before while working, but they were at the local Community College so it was a lot less challenging.

We are leaving tonight for Montreal, so I probably won't post anything until after the New Year, so I wish everybody a Merry Chrismas and a Happy New Year!!!


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