Tuesday, November 15, 2005

What a Great Car!

What I love about my car is that I never know if it'll start. I don't even have an old car, it's a Ford Focus 2000, but it comes with the option that if it doesn't feel like it....it just won't do it...and today it didn't feel like it anymore. I went to the gas station after taking a final exam from 1 to 2pm without having lunch (you can imagine that I already was in a GREAT mood) and when I tried to start the car....nothing! The guys at the station were really nice, and they were able to start it, but damn it I'm tired of it...

One time Husby thought I was stupid when I called him and told him that I couldn't insert the key into the ignition...no no no, the ignition had broken...It has another fun option, when I open the front passenger window, instead of going straight down it goes down and sideways (kinda hard to picture...that's how cool my car is) and when I close it it goes back up by rotating back to the straight original position.

I won't extrapolate about the fact that one of the back doors doesn't open anymore...I guess I need a new car!


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