Thursday, January 05, 2006

Happy New Year 2006!

Hello Internet!

Happy New Year! Everything went great for me in Montreal. It was really fun to be with my family and I have to admit that I really like the city of Montreal. We were 13 members of my family, which is quite a bit. For many year my grand parents and one aunt and uncle spent the Holidays by themselves as we all lived in France. Now my mom, her boyfriend and sister have moved there. My brother and a cousin who still live in France visited and since Husby and I live only nine driving hours from there we made the trip. Unfortunately Husby didn't stay for the whole week....I think that there were more crazy French people that he can handle!

The trip was not really relaxing since there were quite a few people to see and not much time to do so. I could have handled it perfectly if I didn't find out on Tuesday that classes were starting....Wednesday. I was hoping to spend this week relaxing and cleaning up after the vacation since I came back by train and arrived on Sunday night at 8pm and had to work on Monday, but instead I spent yesterday evening in class until 9h30, and I had to do my now routine run to class as a lunch break for work!

Back to the good old crazy schedule!


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