Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Please do not try to start the car again...

So last Saturday we took the car to the dealership to see how much we could get for it by turning it in. We went to the dealership with my 2000 Ford Focus, but I couldn't stay outside with Husby and the salesperson when they were going around the car, because I felt so bad.

Silly me was scared that the sales guy would ask things like:

Salesperson:"so what happened to the back door?"
Me: "It just stopped opening one day..."
SP: "what about the mirror?"
Me: "A piece of tire flew towards me on the highway one day scaring the crap out of me and it hit my mirror and almost took it off..."
SP: "What about the remote car opener?"
Me: "Dunno...stopped working"
SP: "Does it run fine?"
Me: "When it wants to..."

But instead he just went around and made sure that there were no scratches on the paint...

While the salesperson went to talk to his manager I asked Husby if he had tried to start the car...he did and it started TWICE! (Just as a side note, we went to the not good side of downtown Detroit 3 weeks ago and at 2 in the morning when we were thinking about heading home the car had another plan in mind...then it started again 2 days later, took me to my university only to let me hanging in the parking lot when it was time to go home...hence the frustation)

The guy came back and offered us $100 more than what Kelley Blue Book said we should expect for this car in fair condition! Needless to say I just wanted to grab the check and run...But we couldn't get the check until this week, because the "check lady" was out and we needed one paperwork. I freaked out once again when he offered to move the car to the service department and keep it there for the week-end....Please staaaaaaaaaart, was what was going through my head.

We still haven't gone to pick up the check, and since they didn't have the key there is no way that they could have figured out anything new since Saturday, but somehow, I feel like something bad might happen and they might realize what a piece of junk that car is....


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