Monday, August 15, 2005

Week end

Nothing special happened this week-end, which is actually not a bad thing considering how crazy it will all become again when school starts again.

Husby and I went to have a beer at Friday's on Saturday night, and we had Pho (a vietnamese meal) yesterday for lunch. Those are the highlights of the week-end! Oh and I went to the local library and was happy to find a couple of recently written French books. I usually only find classics here, and even though they need to be read, it is nice to read something that talks about today's society!

I am really sad because a co-worker just called me to let me know that his brother-in-law's 18 months old grandson drowned in his home's pool on Friday...this is so so sad. I don't understand how parents are not more careful with swimming pools...there are no words strong enough to express the sadness of this tragedy.


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