Wednesday, August 17, 2005


We have finally heard our neighbors having sex for the first time last night! Remember how I was saying that our walls are thin? Well I guess if they are only going to have sex once every 4 months we can live with that...we are not planning on staying there for more than a year anyway.

I have signed up for my classes today for the fall semester: 4 classes with a total of 15 credits, 3 of them being from 6.30pm to 9.20pm...all that on top of my 8am to 5pm job of course! I am not going to be the happiest person next semester!

I am excited because I am going to a birthNetwork meeting tomorrow night. The topic is: Options in Birth Locations. The last time I went was about 3-4 months ago! It should be interesting.

I said in the title that it was going to be just miscellaneous subjects!
(What is it with me and exclamation point?!)


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