Monday, October 31, 2005


There is a Music, Theatre and Dance department at my University and they give representations. I really enjoy arts and so I try to go and see as many shows as I hasn't been too many so far, but it seems like every year, when the professional Modern dancers come to give a representation I babysit...which upsets me. So this time, I asked the mom of the kids (13 and 11 year old) if she thought that they would be interested in going to see the show with me. Even though I doubted that it would work, I thought that it was worth trying.

At about 3pm on Saturday afternoon the mom called me and asked me if I could still get tickets...I was really happy and ready to enjoy the show with the kids and being paid for it!

When I got to their house the parents told me that we would not go after all because one of the kids was working on a project and she would not be back on time....They probably noticed the disappointment on my face and asked me if it "messed up my plans!" which I thought was ironic since my original job was to babysit after all.

So once again I wasn't able to see the show...maybe I’ll get to see it next year...


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