Monday, October 03, 2005

Damn Squats!

I am taking an African Dance class, and I really like it. Sunday was the second time I went and now I can barely get up from a chair, even less from a toilet seat (I had never really noticed how much lower the toilet seats are compare to a chair).

I have to admit that it was my own stupid fault though. The skinny teacher showed us a move that required doing a squat. She was not just doing a little bending of the legs nuuuuuuu, she was going all the way down to the floor and back up. So with my quest to perfection, I started to do like exactly her: go all the doooooown to the floor, and back up. After doing that for about 1,000 times, I couldn't walk anymore and I felt realy stupid, especially today at work, when you could hear a little painful moan everytime I had to stand up.

I did learn something though, it's that it is a lot easier to go to the bathroom for a man after doing squats, than for a woman!


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