Friday, September 23, 2005

3 Wishes

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about a show that apparently grants 3 wishes to the people in a village. It made me wonder what I would wish for if I had the chance to have my wishes granted.

I could wish for some things that I know are not resonable and couldn't be granted. These would be:
- To see my dad one last time to be able to hold him in my arms really hard, tell him that he can go in peace and that I'll be strong. That he will be in my thoughts always, and that he will be terribly missed.
- Make sure that all my family (including Husby's) will be around for a long time.
- Make all sure that all the children in the world have something to eat/drink, and a safe place to live at.
- Live close to my family so I could see them often, and close to the in-laws so nobody is left out.
Did I say 3?...I could totally keep going

Now let's be realistic. Things that could really be granted.

Have you ever thought about it? I mean REALLY thought about it. It is not any easy thing to come up with.

I guess the only thing that somebody could give me that would help me and the ones I love, would be a big bundle of money. I could have said that I would like a nice house for Husby and I, or to send my brother from France here, so we can spend some time together, helping my in-laws out moneywise would be great, but it all comes down to money.

I feel really shallow all of a sudden! But when you think about it, how can a person (not an angel, or a genie that comes out of a lamp) help out? Nobody can help me find some cool women who have a lot of things in common with me and would become my friends (it might sound weird, but I haven't found one really good friend since I have been in this country),or do any of the things that i mentionned earlier.

If you have stumbled on this blog, and would like to share what your 3 wishes would be, feel free. I am interested in reading what other people would wish for.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wish for:

- Health, happiness and prosperity to all of my friends and family.

- For my wife to have her father again, and for her family to move closer to her.

- To get to be a happy, old wrinkly couple with lots of traveling stories under our belts

- Lots of money so that I don't have to stress about were it will come from, and to be able to help those who have helped me (mom and dad)

- For Justice in the world

- For my country to rise again.

- If all of this things are taken care of then I also want a BMW 1200GS motorcycle with ABS, GPS, luggage and Heated grips! Otherwise I guess I will just have to finance it!

October 03, 2005  

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