Sunday, October 02, 2005


I started having really bad headaches everytime I woke up during the week-end about a year ago. At that time i lived at my in-laws. I can tell you that it is not nice to wake up every Saturday morning and feel like your head is going to explode! So I went to see my doctor and I had a CAT scan of my head done, to make sure that everything was ok in there, and the results came back negative (their machines are not strong enough I tell can they possibly say that everything is fine in my brain??!) The doctor didn't think that they were migraines, so she prescribed me some pills to take when my head hurt.

Then suddenly they stopped. It so happened that they stopped not too long after we moved out from the in-laws, and I have to admit that I thought there might have been a relationship...Well guess what....they have come back, and the ONLY thing that has changed between the time that I had them, to the time that I didnt' have them, to now is... school. See, I took the summer off from school and my headaches stopped right away. I, of course, didn't make the connection until I went back to school and the headaches started again. The other symptom is that I am absolutely drained. I get home at 5pm on Friday night and I just want to sleep, which was not the case when I wasn't going to school.

So I have a case of SRPB (School Related Pain in the Brain). It is not the most pleasant disease, and I am pretty sure that I am the only one known to have contracted it. I guess it'll go away eventually...when I graduate...


Blogger kyra said...

hi Bebu! I hope your headaches get better :( What a bummer. How much more school do you have?

Hey, by the way, I have been looking at your blog in Firefox, and it looks kind of wonky, and also, I can't leave comments in Firefox! Internet Explorer works fine though. Just wanted to let you know, I really love the design.

October 03, 2005  
Blogger Bebu said...

Bebu said...
I will be graduating summer, not too much more to go...thank you for asking.

As far as the Firefox problem goes, I have no idea how to fix that...I'll bring it up to husby hoping that he'll know what to do. Thanks for letting me know. I have found my template at, they are free, and I thought that it was pretty too!

October 03, 2005  

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