Saturday, November 25, 2006

Knitting Progress

Since it is taking me so long to finish my projects, I decided to show my progress.

First the sock:

I realized that what I like about knitting is novelty and challenge. I started the ribbing which was supposed to be 8 inches long and quickly stopped once I got a good handle of knitting with 4 needles. I figured that the top of the sock could be short and I was excited to start knitting the heel. Now that I am done with the heel and that I have to knit 7 inches in the round non is taking me a long time to finish. I found the pattern at Kristin's blog.

Now the sweater:

I started with the back

The front was supposed to be like the back, 6 rows of Seed Stitch at the bottom and a V-neck in seed stitch, but the rest was supposed to be plain. As I mentioned previously, I like novelty so I decided to make random columns of seed stitch throughout. It made it more fun to knit.

Close-up of the seed stitch rows.

And finally the sleeves. As soon as I finished my first sleeve my Mother-in-law mentioned that I should have knitted them both at the same time. I'll definitely keep this in mind next time. I just need to finish the last sleeve, and put it together.

I found this pattern in The Yarn Girl's Guide to Simple Knits. An awesome project for a first project. I'll post a picture of me wearing it as soon as I am done.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, that looks great!!! Way to go! You say you're a new knitter but those are ambitious projects that you've tackled and they look really good!!!

I hope things are going well with you! -sPal

November 27, 2006  

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