Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Happy Birthday and Allergic Reaction

I celebrated my 26th birthday last week end by going out Friday night with my co-workers. We are a handful of young and fun people and I had a blast. The only problem was that I had been fighting a cough for over a week and it was not getting better. It was pretty annoying to not be able to finish a story without starting to choke in the middle of a sentence and then I couldn't stop coughing. Which brings me to the allergic reaction.

Since my cough was not getting better, I went to the doctor's on Friday and he prescribed me some antibiotics. I didn't take it on Friday because I was going out, but I took my first dose Saturday and the second on Sunday. While I was taking my shower yesterday morning I noticed that my armpits were pretty itchy. After I got out my scalp started itching. I noticed throughout the day that my head itched as well as different part of my body, but since I was busy at work I didn't pay too much attention...Until I got home and I noticed the hives. When I tried to go to sleep my whole body was itching so bad that I couldn't sleep.

Husby looked up some information online about the medicine and it said "if you get hives call your doctor immediately." (maybe not exactly like that...) So we did, and he didn't call back until after we had fallen asleep. His recommendation was to get some Ben*dryl and come back in the morning to get a shot. I kept sleeping since I was feeling fine until 3 am, when I woke up feeling so itchy that there was no way I could have gone back to sleep. I had to go get the medicine right away.

I got my shot this morning, but kept scratching ALL day. After work I went back to the pharmacy to get some pills this time and it worked really well. Now it has been 5 hours since I took it, so I am really itchy again. I just took another dose and I am hoping that it'll quickly go away so I can get some decent sleep tonight...

Up until yesterday I always answered "nuting" when docs asked me what I was allergic to...not anymore and i won't forget about it, because I would not want ot have to go through that much itchness ever again.

Ben*dryl has taken effect I can go to sleep now!


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