Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Package!

I have received my second package from my Secret Pal! She sent me some sock yarn and the needles to knit them. I have not finished the first sock that I have tried to make, but with new (as opposed to scrap) yarn, I hope that I'll find the inspiration to start making the socks really soon. I am currently working on a poncho for my mom. I am making it in crochet because it's faster for me, but it's still taking a long time.

She also sent me some yummy smelling soap that I am going to have a hard time separating myself from. See my mom gave me an awesomely smelling soap that I have kept in my underwear drawer....I am kind of weird like that. I can see the same kind of future for this soap!

And the chocolate! I love chocolate! Thank you so much Secret Pal!

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