Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Eating in Bathroom Stall

It was my birthday on Sunday so Husby and I took a little trip. On our way home we stopped to eat a bite at Apple.bee's. I went to the bathroom and as I was doing my thing I heard a weird sound, which to me sounded like a baby noise. I thought I was crazy for sure, but heard it again a few seconds later. After thinking that there is surely a camera hidden somewhere and someone is playing a prank on me, I thought "a lady must be feeding her child in there." So as any normal person would, I looked under the door and saw 2 feet and the legs were crossed. She was probably trying to get as possibly comfortable as someone can in a bathroom stall to feed her newborn.

I was irate. How horrible? I dread going in there for 1 minute that it takes me, and she had to sit there for many 20-25 minutes (how long does it take to feed a hungry newborn?) with her baby eating. I was wondering if she thought that it was the polite thing to do, you know hiding as if she was doing drugs or something, or if she was worried that if she fed her child in the dining area she would be thrown out of the restaurant.

I have been hearing about a lot of women being asked to leave places because they refused to stop breastfeeding their infant lately, and although I realize that it is totally unacceptable, seeing this mom having to sit in that bathroom really upset me.

I wonder what could be done. I know that some places are better with it than others, but it would be great if a mom could breastfeed her child everywhere without having to worry about it, because honestly I don't know if I would be up for a fight when my time comes. I also wonder if some moms are not discreet enough and that could maybe cause some problems with patrons trying to eat their dinner. Not that there is anything to be ashamed of, breastfeeding a child is the best thing a mom could do, but I can understand that some people are not interested in seeing a woman's breast when they go shopping.

I have been around breastfeeding moms and you could barely tell that they were doing it, so there is a way to do it so that everyone is happy, baby eating, mom with a quiet child, and people not having to see her breasts. I hope that some kind of law will be put in place that allows women to do what is best for their child, without having to sit in a bathroom stall for 30 minutes while their husband is having dinner by himself.



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