Thursday, August 18, 2005

Not so Tricky

Have you ever tried to trick yourself? I did.

On Tuesday night, as I was walking out of Meijer, I found it would be a good idea to walk through.....the cookies aisle! As I was trying hard not to look at them and to keep walking, just keep walking, my eyes were just drawn towards the "Sugar Free" cookies!

Yes I know, there is a ton of fat and they are hardly no less calories than the regular cookies, but what I am to do? Husby does call me cookie monster after all. So, of course, I bought a little package of 12 cookies.

The package said that the serving size was 3 cookies for 10,000,000 calories. While driving back home I opened the package and start eating my 3 cookies....ok, what is one more going to do?? As i grab my fourth cookie, I realized that if I wanted to grab more I had to remove a little piece of paper that was separating them...and this is when it all happened. I had the great idea to try to trick myself into forgetting about the cookies (the key word here is try). So I hid the package into the glove box, and started to fantasize about the day I would find the package, and how happy I would be, and with a little luck (for my butt) it would have been so long since I bought it that I couldn't even eat them...

Of course I didn't stop thinking about the damn package all day Wednesday, and when at 7pm I finally grabbed it on my way to my mother-in-law's, I didn't just eat one serving size, but I finished it...

So my advice to you, internet, is: don't try to trick yourself, turns out you'll know about it and it won't work! Just enjoy them, and next time, try the feminine product aisle while leaving Meijer, it's safer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You truly are the cookie monster!

October 03, 2005  

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