Friday, August 19, 2005

Evening at the Hospital

I, once again, didn't make it to the birtnNetwork meeting. I instead spent the evening at the hospital visiting my 19 months old niece who has pneumonia. The poor thing was so dehydrated that it took them 5 hours to be able to put an IV on. She has had an ear infection that turned into pneumonia and she ended up at the hospital yesterday because her fever would not go down, and she hadn't eaten or drunk anything all day and was just really limp and pale.

I am planning on visiting her today at lunch time, and I am hoping that she is feeling better now that fluids and antibiotics are flowing through her body.

When Husby and I arrived at the pediatrics unit and rang the bell to be let in, we could hear her screaming her head off as they were trying to insert the IV by her foot. About 15 mins later E (my niece) came out but my sister-in-law didn't...she had been pretty upset about her daughter's ordeal and almost passed out. It was really sad to see her so pale and upset. I am sure that seeing your little baby being held down and crying must be hard for the heart of a mother. Mom was fine after eating a little bit and relaxing.

I would have rather been at the meeting and have a healthy little niece...I hope that it'll be over soon.


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