Saturday, September 17, 2005

Baby sister is growing older

Today is my baby's sister birthday!

She is turning 20. That doesn't make me any younger. She is not a teenager anymore! I remember the day she was born! I went to see her at the hospital and when my mom changed her diaper i became all confused by seeing the umbilical cord's stump, and thought that the adults were mistaken and we, in fact, had a new little boy in the family, not a girl!
She is now a young woman. She lives in her own apartment in downtown Montreal.

We only have five years difference, and yet our lives have been significantly different. We didn't go to the same primary school, Middle School, High School, or College. She has lived in one house and 2 apartments with my mom that I have never know as my own. I just realized that she was only 13 when I left home. Even with all these years that we haven't been living together, we are still really close. I really wish that we could see each other more often though...

I can't wait to share the happiness of motherhood with her (actually I CAN wait, I would not want her to become pregnant right now...she has time!) To see how she'll be with my babies, and to see her beautiful little children. We have so much to live ahead of us...I hope that I'll be able to be present for her most precious moments.

I love her sooooo much. She is ma bichette, my baby sister.
I love you L.


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