Monday, September 12, 2005

Traveling Bug

Yesterday I was working on that blog:

My whole family (on my mom's side) has been bitten by the traveling bug.

We are originally from France. My grand parents moved to Montreal, Canada a little more than 20 years ago, with their two younger children (my aunt M and uncle G). The three other children did not follow. One aunt (S) had already moved to London, England where she had met her husband. My other aunt (Va) stayed in Paris where she still is, and my mom, who had moved to the south of France, recently moved to Montreal, Canada too, to be closer to my grand-parents, and my sister went with her.

Recently, my uncle G, who has lived in Montreal, Canada for most of his life, has been sent to Burundi, Africa by the UN. My brother, even though he still lives in France, has spent a few months in Italy. My grandma's sister (also French, really??) lives in Washigton, D.C with her husband who happens to be Libanese... as you can see, we can't stay in place.

So I guess it was not too surprising when I left France to come to the United States as an au pair about five years ago, and met Husby who is Argentinian.

Now Husby, who has lived in this country for about 14 years has an itch. Since he bought the motorcycle he has been dreaming about traveling. We first thought about going all the way down to South America on the motorcycle, or a car. We also have thought about joining the Peace Corps or a similar organization to be able to travel and help others as well.

So I wrote that yesterday and became really excited about the Peace Corps. I started reseaching, and found out that we can't join the Peace Corps because...I am not a citizen. I am a resident, but not a citizen...

When we first started talking about travelling, I thought about asking for donations!! Of course it might sound a little crazy as in WHY WOULD I GIVE MONEY TO A COUPLE OF HEALTHY YOUNG PEOPLE FOR THEM TO TRAVEL?? I am aware that it would probably not bring in too much I thought about donating something like 10% of what we receive back for a cause that we would choose, as an incentive.

Anyway, as you can see we really want to do something crazy. Helping others would be a great plus, but we don't know how to go about it...


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