Friday, September 02, 2005

School has started!

The craziness of school combined with work has started. I hope that I will be able to handle it this semester. I am taking 4 classes and working full time. I think that the 2 MIS classes will be interesting, the QMM (statistics) probably hard, and the management class...well we'll see.

I have been shedding a few tears the last couple of days while looking at the updates of what is happening in New Orleans. It is unbelievable. I was looking at a video of the President who was saying: "What I see when I look at a the disaster, is the new city that we will build, because we will prevail, we will spend enough money, and soon people will be travelling here again." That's interesting that we don't see the same thing, I see people dying, hungry, thirsty, sick, angry, while he sees a future city...


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