Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Battle of the Bands part II

Our friends won the Battle of the Bands! It was pretty amazing how much support they received from the crowd.


Friday, March 24, 2006

Photo Friday - Get your Spring on

Unfortunately I woke up to a snowy day today, not the best to post a picture of what makes me think of Spring.

Instead I decided to post a picture of a lily that Husby got me a while ago. I really like that photo and nothing says spring like flowers blooming on the side of the road.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Please do not try to start the car again...

So last Saturday we took the car to the dealership to see how much we could get for it by turning it in. We went to the dealership with my 2000 Ford Focus, but I couldn't stay outside with Husby and the salesperson when they were going around the car, because I felt so bad.

Silly me was scared that the sales guy would ask things like:

Salesperson:"so what happened to the back door?"
Me: "It just stopped opening one day..."
SP: "what about the mirror?"
Me: "A piece of tire flew towards me on the highway one day scaring the crap out of me and it hit my mirror and almost took it off..."
SP: "What about the remote car opener?"
Me: "Dunno...stopped working"
SP: "Does it run fine?"
Me: "When it wants to..."

But instead he just went around and made sure that there were no scratches on the paint...

While the salesperson went to talk to his manager I asked Husby if he had tried to start the car...he did and it started TWICE! (Just as a side note, we went to the not good side of downtown Detroit 3 weeks ago and at 2 in the morning when we were thinking about heading home the car had another plan in mind...then it started again 2 days later, took me to my university only to let me hanging in the parking lot when it was time to go home...hence the frustation)

The guy came back and offered us $100 more than what Kelley Blue Book said we should expect for this car in fair condition! Needless to say I just wanted to grab the check and run...But we couldn't get the check until this week, because the "check lady" was out and we needed one paperwork. I freaked out once again when he offered to move the car to the service department and keep it there for the week-end....Please staaaaaaaaaart, was what was going through my head.

We still haven't gone to pick up the check, and since they didn't have the key there is no way that they could have figured out anything new since Saturday, but somehow, I feel like something bad might happen and they might realize what a piece of junk that car is....

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Picture Friday

I celebrated St Patrick's day with some co-workers at a local restaurant and we had a little too much green beer for me to be able to post my pictures on Friday...

This week's pics were supposed to be picture of our childhood, so here you go. I totally blame my mom for my weight. :-) Can you see how big of a baby I was! I really like the picture of my brother and I on the matress. The wallpaper is awesome, so 80's. Some people say that I still look like on the picure in my red and blue dress, to give you an idea.

Monday, March 13, 2006

Getting Involved

I am really excited. I went to the North Oakland chapter meeting of the birthNETWORK last Thursday and started talking to one of the leaders about volunteering. She was thinking that we could put something together for International Midwives Day on May 5th. I am really happy to be finally able to meet people who believe in the same thing I do, to be involved in my community and try to educate women about their choices when giving birth.

I will be putting up fliers and contacting people at my University to see if we could use one of their rooms for the event. I was really happy to see that the Michigan's governor, Jennifer Granholm, proclaimed May 5 as Midwife Day in our state, which is a good start I think.

More on the Midwife day event later...

Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Yesterday was emotionally draining....I guess! I can say that I haven't spent one day without thinking of my dad since he passed away in April 2004. I don't talk about him too often as it is still really painful and I just can't bring it up randomly.

Yesterday I was talking with on of my co-worker (L) about how being at work is not good when one has some bad news about personal matters. Talking about that took me right back to the day I called the hospital where my dad had just had surgery, to make sure that he was OK and was told that he was in critical conditions....they couldn't really say at that point...This was a big shock and being at work and having to hide my emotions didn't make it any easier.

Husby and I watched "Walk the Line" last night, which by the way is a really good movie, but it upset me. If anyone has seen both "Walk the Line" and "Ray", I am sure that you can see pattern with the cheating, the alcohol, the drugs...it is just the way it is for people in that kind of environment. My dad was a musician, it was his job. He was around alcohol all the time and drank too much. I don't know about drugs and I don't want to know...I am pretty sure that he never cheated on my mom though. My dad never recovered from his surgery because his liver was really damaged and his patelets were low. Anyway, watching this movie made me mad at the whole thing.

I didn't really put everything together (the discussion at work plus the movie) until I went to bed though, when I started thinking about my dad's death. I started replaying the days preceding it with all the worrying, the sadness, the unknown...and I can still feel everyhing as if it was yesterday. I started crying and couldn't stop. It was not a few tears rolling down my cheeks, it was very very emotional...I haven't cried like that in a long time. I was alone in bed and didn't want to annoy Husby as there is not much he can do about it, I just needed to get it out of my system.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Battle of the Bands part I

One of Husby's best friend plays in a band. He is the guitarist and lead singer of a band that was created about 3 months ago. Last Saturday was the "semi-finals" of a battle of the bands that they had been selected to compete in in Detroit. The band that would get cheered and clapped the loudest would win the semi-finals and get to play for the finals.

We arrived early and it was really fun, because a LOT of friends showed up. Since 3 out of the 4 musicians are Argentinian, they have that really warm personality and they were all able to bring a ton of people. As the first band started to play, we were kind of wondering if they were going to get any feedback from the crowd at all considering that it was a competition.

Needless to say our friends won. They will be playing again on the 25th of March. The 1st prize is a 5 song recording with a professional studio and some instruments so I really hope that they win. I am pretty confident that a lot of people will be showing up again and at the very least we'll have a good time.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Happy Birthday...I miss you so so much

55 years ago on Sunday, a little boy was born in the city of Marseille, France. He was one of the sweetest and funniest man I know and he definitely left too early. I could talk for hours with him about anything and everything and I know how much he loved us.

I love you daddy and I can't express how much I miss you, happy birthday.
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