Sunday, August 28, 2005

Mini Woman!

I think that there is nothing cuter than a little girl who talks like an adult. I babysit this litlle 2 year old lady once in a while, and everytime that I haven't seen her in a while I am amused by her new expressions.

She made me laugh this time with a :"Oh my Gosh!!!!!!" with a big surprised face when I opened a drawer to choose some clothes and she found her "I am the little sister" T-shirt!

Then there was the :"Can you do me a favor?"
"Yes, what do you need?"
"Can you do me a favor?"
"Yes, what is it?"
"I need you to do me a favor"
"What favor do you want me to do?"
"......" (no reply!!!)

And then she came behind me and spanked me and said with a smile: "Spank that butt!"
Gee, I wonder where she got that one from! Could it be from her dad?!


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